Россия, Республика Адыгея, 385001, г. Майкоп, ул. Привокзальная, 108

The flavors of nature

We process fruits and vegetables for juice products, canned fruit and vegetables and baby food

New line of baby food products - Mi-mi-mishki puree
New line of baby food products - Mi-mi-mishki puree 2
New line of baby food products - Mi-mi-mishki puree 3

25 years of work


During this time, we have gained vast experience in the production of various products for adults and children, and invariably, despite the changing external situation, we found solutions and did not stop production for a single day.


We are proud that we are a full-cycle production company, starting from the moment of planting fruit tree seedlings, monitoring the growth, ripening and harvesting of fruits, until they arrive to us for processing and shipment of finished products throughout the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

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  • The economy of our region
  • Health of future generations
  • Food security of the country

Complex-Agro is a family company

We work for the benefit of our society and, first of all, children

We support domestic raw material and packaging manufacturers, keeping the profit from sales within the country. By purchasing our products, you contribute to supporting entire related industries, primarily agriculture

Located in the North Caucasus, we operate globally. Sweet apples grown in the Krasnodar Krai and Crimea are perfect for baby purees, while the tart mountain apples from Adygea and Kabardino-Balkaria are favored by adults

We strive to maintain fair pricing for our products, constantly seeking ways to stabilize prices, including through our own raw material processing and transitioning to ruble settlements with suppliers

We value our name and reputation, imposing strict requirements on everything produced in our facilities