Россия, Республика Адыгея, 385001, г. Майкоп, ул. Привокзальная, 108

About company

"Complex-Agro" is a company specializing on the processing of fruits and vegetables, production of juice products, canned fruit and vegetables, including baby food.


In 2023, our Company celebrates its anniversary - 25 years of work in the baby food market. During this time, the Company has acquired extensive experience in the production various types of products for children, and has significantly expanded and updated its fleet of production and other equipment. 


 The professional level of our specialists has increased significantly, which allows us to use high-tech equipment to produce food products of the highest quality. The company acquired the most modern equipment for conducting physical chemical and microbiological studies of manufactured products, this made it possible to strengthen quality control.


Perhaps the success of our company is explained by the fact that Kompleks-Agro is a family company. We value our name and reputation and place strict demands on everything produced at our production facilities. For us, the main thing is the quality of our products, and therefore people’s health.


The firm's mission is to promote the economic development and welfare of our community by providing consumers with quality products at affordable prices in a manner and quantity that meet professional and ethical standards, while providing fair and appropriate wages to its employees.